In robotics and artificial intelligence, the term “uncanny valley” refers to the unsettling and often repulsive feeling of encountering robots that appear almost, but not quite, human.

I can’t help but think that food is also in an uncanny valley. …

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Like plants, oysters have no central nervous system, meaning they do not feel pain.

It makes sense to prevent the suffering of other living organisms whenever possible, which carries over to our food choices. Most vegans, vegetarians, and plant-based eaters draw the line at plants versus animals. In other words, from an ethical standpoint, plants are okay to eat, but animals are not.



Getting bad sleep sucks. It throws off the whole day. The only real cure for a bad night of sleep is a good night of sleep. Caffeine and drugs help mask some of the symptoms of bad sleep, but the underlying negative consequences remain (impaired concentration and problem solving, symptoms…

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Everyone seems to have an opinion on genetically modified organisms (GMOs). They’re either the savior technology we’ve been waiting for to feed the planet, or they’re the worst thing in our food system since trans fats. But what are GMOs?

Simply put, GMOs are organisms (usually plants like soy and…

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