We’ve established that industrial vegetable oils are bad for our health. To add insult to injury, they may be even worse for our planet. Canola, sunflower, soybean, and palm oil are some of the most environmentally destructive crops in the world:

  • More land is devoted to growing vegetable oil crops than all fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, roots and tubers combined.
  • 2 of the top 3 drivers of global deforestation are vegetable oil crops.
  • Vegetable oils emit more greenhouse gases per kilogram than any other major crop.
  • Vegetable oils require 20–30% of global crop lands, but deliver less than 0.01% …


Getting bad sleep sucks. It throws off the whole day. The only real cure for a bad night of sleep is a good night of sleep. Caffeine and drugs help mask some of the symptoms of bad sleep, but the underlying negative consequences remain (impaired concentration and problem solving, symptoms of depression, accelerated aging, weight gain, low libido, poor memory, and serious health problems like high blood pressure and stroke) [1].

What if there were an easy way to ensure a good night’s sleep–as easy as popping a pill–with no harmful long-term consequences? That sounds pretty great. …

Last month, for the first time in four years, the World Health Organization quietly published new data on the healthy life expectancies of every country in the world, bringing us new healthy life expectancy numbers for 2019 and updated numbers for 2010 and 2015.

Healthy life expectancy measures how long people within a population are expected to live without disease or disability. …

A post written overtly about food and covertly about race.

For most of the 20th and 21st century, white has been emphasized. White has been put on a pedestal and widely distributed, from white sugar to white/clear oils to white flour. While white foods have been in the spotlight, it’s actually the foods of color that give us the best chance of survival going forward.

A diversity of yellow fruits and vegetables, brown chocolate and nuts, black beans and seeds, and red meat and seafood, for example, gives us the variety that makes for a healthful system.

We’ve displaced the…

Meditation has been all the rage. From a practice started in ancient Asia, meditation has made its way into the daily routines of spiritual yogis, high-performance executives, and everyone in between. Myriad iPhone apps claim to help you hack your productivity, think more clearly, and restore a sense of calm–in only 10 minutes per day.

I tried it. I didn’t like it. I tried it again; nope, still not for me. Then I tried it one last time… and this time… it was no different, it still didn’t work. My productivity had not been hacked and I sensed no clearer…

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Everyone seems to have an opinion on genetically modified organisms (GMOs). They’re either the savior technology we’ve been waiting for to feed the planet, or they’re the worst thing in our food system since trans fats. But what are GMOs?

Simply put, GMOs are organisms (usually plants like soy and corn) that have had their DNA intentionally changed, presumably for some beneficial purpose like higher yield, higher nutrient density, or resistance to pesticides.

I think the most important aspect of making a decision on GMOs is to understand the difference between natural selection, artificial selection, genetic modification (or genetic engineering)…

For the first 200,000 years of our evolution, as hunter gatherers, each generation of human beings lived more or less the same life as the previous generation.

Since the advent of agriculture 10,000 years ago, however, the speed of technological innovation has increased exponentially and continues to accelerate, to the point where my life is significantly different than that of my parents and grandparents, and my children’s lives will be almost unrecognizable to my great grandparents. My grandfather grew up traveling by horse and buggy and my father by gas-powered car. …

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Part of what makes coronavirus so scary for some people is the feeling of helplessness. There’s no vaccine and no cure. We simply have to sit and wait and hope.

Maybe we’re not totally helpless though. Just like hand washing can help lower our chances of getting the virus, a healthy diet can help us fight it off. If you contract COVID-19, you’re relying on your body’s immune system to recognize the enemy and create antibodies to defeat it.

If this were an actual war between humans, and there was an enemy at the gates, wouldn’t we want our army…

Kitava co-founder Jeff Nobbs took a trip to Ecuador to provide an insider’s look at the organization that supplies 100% organic and sustainably farmed palm oil.

We take cooking oils seriously at Kitava. In our minds, using the right oils are as important to your diet as eating nutrient-dense foods and removing grains and sugar. We use extra virgin olive oil for low-heat cooking (and in sauces and dressings), but olive oil doesn’t hold up as well in high-heat cooking. For high-heat (~375°F), we use organic palm oil. There’s little debate about olive oil’s healthfulness, but many people ask, “why palm oil?”

There is a lot of controversy around palm oil. On one hand, it is an excellent cooking oil with a high smoke point and…

We braved the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, so that you didn’t have to, of course setting our sights on all the best products for anyone looking to follow a paleo diet. Here are our top nine paleo picks to try out:

The 2017 Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco features food an drink from over 1,400 exhibitors.
  1. Crio Bru. Love hot chocolate, but not the calories or sugar it packs on? Crio Bru cocoa tea is an amazing alternative. Made with Fair Trade cocoa beans and brewed just like tea, this chocolatey drink makes a great substitution for coffee or hot chocolate. …

Jeff Nobbs

Writer, jeffnobbs.com | Owner, Kitava.com | Co-founder, HelpKitchen.org | Creator, trish.io

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